The Trump Dossier

As I come across them, I’ll accumulate here various interesting bits & pieces that got drowned out by talk of blood coming out of “wherever,” small hands, the Access Hollywood video, etc.

Here’s an analysis Bloomberg complied of all Trump’s lawsuits (spoiler: he does settle, a lot)

Some of these lawsuits are still pending:  Trump lawsuits to watch in 2017 (includes claim by a former Trump campaign staffer, Vincent Bordini, that “Trump’s North Carolina State Director pulled a gun on him, and the campaign did nothing about it after the staffer reported the incident.”) A decision in the lawsuit over Trump refusing to refund golf club deposits for the resort he acquired in Jupiter, FL looks like it might be coming soon. Washington Spectator’s profile on the case gives good background and provides further insight into Trump business practices which, no surprise, feature among other things intimidation and denigration (Trump’s letter to club members basically stated if you don’t accept the terms of the deal I’m offering, I don’t want you in my club & I wouldn’t want your money anyway). Excerpts from proceedings also give us a preview of the type of testimony we can expect from Trumps when (I hope) they get hauled in to testify before congress about all the shady dealings that will inevitably occur once Trump takes office. If it gets obscured by some tweetstorm, you can follow the case’s progress by searching public records for Hirsch v. Jupiter Golf Club LLC, 13-cv-80456, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida (West Palm Beach) h/t Bloomberg.

Trump on political correctness (and hiring the best people).

Life lessons from an insecure narcissist: don’t hire anyone smarter than you & surround yourself with unsuccessful people so that you look more successful and interesting in comparison.