Take Action

By no means comprehensive, list will be updated on an ongoing basis (created 12/22/16)

  • *NEW* (1/19/17) The Resistance Manual – set up wiki style- pretty much everything linked below is here but it might take some digging to find it. From the great people of Stay Woke so it also includes background reading so you can educate yourself & get woke- not just angry.
  • **My favorite: whatdoidoabouttrump.com – the best, most comprehensive resource I’ve found “for people who are upset about the election and want to make a difference.” Created by a group with backgrounds in public policy, advocacy, education, nonprofit management, business, not only do they provide the usual list of organizations, action items, and offer a mailing list to subscribe to, they also offer a tool to make a personal plan- tailored to your abilities and resources. Another unique feature, they provide resources and a list of things you can do to protect yourself if Trump follows through on his campaign promises.
  • re:act newsletter – a well-researched weekly list of a few concrete things you can do to take action put out by Derek Nelson (@derekcnel). Each item has a time estimate; so far I haven’t seen an item that took more than 20 min.
  • #FightTrump also offers a similar email newsletter – they allow you to customize the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), and when you sign up, you can indicate which issues matter the most to you.
  • wall-of-us.org – another weekly email newsletter that offers 4 concrete acts of resistance. Acts of resistance are also posted on the website.
  • Center for American Progress Action Fund
  • holyfucktheelection.com – provides, choose-your-own-adventure style, lists of organizations you can either donate to or volunteer for based upon the issue you select.

Article that provide links to these resources as well as others: 5 Concrete Ways You Can Act Now To Start Fighting Trump’s Policies from Fast – fastco.exist

Most action items involve contacting congress- this is an excellent read from former congressional staffers who reveal best practices for making Congress listen: indivisibleguide.com

It is important to give to established advocacy groups. They already have connections, know the lay of the land, and can hit the ground running. There are advocacy groups right now working to collect opposition research that could torpedo Trump nominations. (like American Bridge PAC)

Pledge through the Anti-Defamation League to register as a Muslim in solidarity

https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clintMy Profileon-president-on-december-19?recruiter=2398567&utm_

Sign up for Organizing for Action’s (President Obama’s advocacy group) mailing list – word is that Obama will be stepping into the fray come Jan 21st [Obama May Jump Into Fray as Democrats Counter Trump – NYT]

#GrabYourWallet – Boycott business that carry Trump products and Trump owned businesses: click here for a link to an up-to-date listing.

Boycott Trump (The Donald J. Trump Resistance: https://www.thedjtr.com/) – lists companies whose founders, owners, or CEOs were prominent supporters of Trump. Add BLT Prime steakhouses and its parent company ESquared Hospitality to the list (see entry on José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian below).

Support the resistant:

Kellogg’s for taking a stand against Breitbart (see website for list of their products)

José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian Trump is suing both for breach of contract for refusing to open up restaurants in his new DC hotel (see websites for list of restaurants, products, and cookbooks). BLT Prime,  owned by the New York restaurant group ESquared Hospitality, has taken over the restaurant space in their place.