What’s a Blue State Girl to Do?

I confess, I’m a frustrated Blue State voter. I feel frustrated as I watch a  Republican majority in the House and Senate refuse to keep Trump accountable, vet his cabinet picks, and use the election of Trump to ram an ACA repeal down America’s neck. But all of them literally are #NotMyRepresentative.

There is no convincing the Trump-eteer voters, but what about independents and the apolitical? And how do we reach them? I have this crazy idea… let’s hijack sports hashtags, especially when teams from key states are playing. Get ready for Sunday- arm yourself with quotes, vote-a-rama votes, memes. This coming Sunday Jan 22 the Packers (Sen. Barrasso R-WI, Sen. Enzi R-WI) play the Falcons (Sen. Isakson R-GA, Sen. Perdue R-GA), and the Steelers (Sen. Toomey R-PA) play the Patriots.  So, #GoPackGo & #VoteOut Paul Ryan (R-WI1)! Get ready to live tweet Sunday #GBvsATL / #NFC and #PITvsNE / #AFC.

…I’m pretty sure that someone did a map of the geography of team alliances so that we could include other appropriate members of the House…but I don’t have the time right now to find it & cross reference it to congressional districts.


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