Week of Nov 21

Congress is out of session this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. In the meantime, we can continue to apply pressure via social media* on Donald Trump to rescind his announced picks and to set up a true #BlindTrust.

Also, you can still support the ACA on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s phone survey. You may have to call back if you get a message saying the voice mailbox is full.


#BlackFriday and #CyberMonday: While you’re out shopping, #GrabYourWallet and boycott business that carry Trump products: click here for a link to an up-to-date listing.

*I’m not sure if he is still able to read tweets directly (We know that he used to since he went and retweeted someone commenting on how Tim Kaine looked like a Batman villan during the VP debate). But I’m sure he is still allowed to watch cable news, which loves reading off tweets and/or talking about “social media outcry.” A Washington Post reporter visibly nosing around on social media was able to get Trump to make good on a $1 million pledge to veterans’ causes. [Four months after fundraiser, Trump says he gave $1 million to veterans group – Washington Post] There have also been pieces written about how Trump likes to “market test” positions, so to speak. This whole public parade of candidates, might come partially from Donald’s love of pageants, is more likely a way to put out trial balloons to gauge reaction to various candidates. (It may also be Trump being cheap- he might be relying upon reporters and opposition groups to do the vetting for him.)


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